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I’ve got a ton of authors I love whose work I love to read, and I’ve found my own story I hope to share someday soon. Stay tuned to this site for a sneak peek into me, my first novel, my beloved authors, and some favorite characters.


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The sun is shining, trees are starting bud and flower, and my daffodils are in bloom. With Spring always comes a reminder to balance my writing life with all of the other things that are important. That’s especially true for me this month because I’m pantsing a quick SFR for Camp NaNoWriMo (just to see … Continue reading Balance

Navel Gazing

I journal regularly and try to write daily, but forcing myself to blog is hard. I’m making progress with my writing. I’m doing a better job of balancing work and family and volunteer stuff. Things are good. So why not blog? Well, I’m at the point where it feels like needless navel gazing. I’m okay … Continue reading Navel Gazing

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